NOW CLOSED. July 2–5

8 interviews about creative value.

Sorry the event is now closed. Andy talked with a diverse and successful group of creatives about their value and the relationship they have with their creativity.

A huge thanks to everyone for your fantastic contribution!

I just wanted to say that the "Your Creative Investment" event exposed me to a lot more and extremely unique individuals in the creative field. I feel like I've discovered more entrepreneurs I can relate to and this has given me more confidence to pursue my art.

I also really appreciated that everyone interviewed was very honest about their journey—not many people open up about their struggles.

Karen Gomes

It was an excellent series of talks. I really enjoyed hearing everyone's enthusiasm over their journey and the confidence to know they need a creative avenue in their lives and careers and to put that first.

I am hoping this might become a yearly event. I'd love to hear more. Thank you for putting this together.

Allison Howard

First, thank you for offering those free four day workshop. I was able to watch the recorded interviews without any stress of watching live and missing something important.

What a great group of creative people to listen to.

Gayle Boyer

I thought the event was great! It has been very helpful to me to hear the voices and true stories the artists tell about the ups and the downs they have worked through. I kept hearing, Keep Going, and Follow Your Own Creative Path. It validated many of my own thoughts to hear that other artists had similar thoughts.

Pat Spaulding

Nathan Jurevicius

Terry Runyan

Charlie O'Shields

Birgit O'Connor

Corey McComb

Kristina Hultkrantz

James Richards

Nina Rycroft

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