Summit: ArtWork 2021 – Creative Productivity Unlocked.

December 5-11, 2021

Artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs provide insights into starting, maintaining and growing a successful creative practice. Over the seven days, they will share their experience, environment and knowledge of how they manage doing the art and doing the work. This interview series offers a diverse approach to finding the balance between creativity and productivity.


In case you ran out of time!

If you didn't get to see all of the amazing interviews, or if you want to rewatch any of them we are making them available for $39 at the link below. 

Here's our closing video, recapping all the good bits.


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Here's what people said...

Thank you Andy and Nina for organizing this wonderful series of interviews. Each session was pure joy and guaranteed to inspire creativity.

Thank you so much, Andy and Nina. I loved being a part of this and I'm so thrilled that parts of my planning (The Big Ugly Planner :D ), my day and space resonated with so many. I loved watching every speaker and this recap has been a great reminder of all we've been absorbing from each creative. Thank you - you're both such stars. x
Jen Dixon

Thanks so much. It was a great time for me to sit down and watch all of the interviews….I’m inspired by so many to look at my work in a different way. I spent all day painting today and haven’t taken my paints out in ages….Thanks again
Vicki Pinkerton

Thank you so much Nina and Andy. It's been so inspiring, informative and enjoyable. The guests have been fabulous, so cool to hear about their daily lives and career developments. Their insider tips and free gifts are going to definitely help me further my creative journey. So very generous of them all. The discount you're offering on your courses is amazing..! Now I just need to choose which one. Thanks again guys, it's been the best week.
Rachel Lucette

Event: Your Creative Investment

July 2021

An interview series designed to get you in touch with your creative value and Your Creative Investment.

Highlighting 8 artists, designers, makers, authors and creative entrepreneurs. Through storytelling and experience we can all gain insights from others. During the interviews Andy talks with a diverse and successful group of creatives about their value and the relationship they have with their creativity and the projects they are involved in.

Summit: ArtWork – Creative Productivity Unlocked.

December 2020

Hosted and produced by Nina Rycroft 

Nov 27 – Dec 3, 2020 – highlighted 18 artists, designers, makers, authors and creative entrepreneurs providing insights into starting, maintaining and growing a successful creative practice.

6,500 people attended with 20,596 total video plays. 

The interview series offered a diverse approach to finding the balance between creativity and productivity, offering valuable tools and next steps to set you up powerfully for 2021.

How we're involved...

Nina Rycroft

Nina Rycroft is an award winning picture book illustrator with more than a dozen picture books published worldwide, and has taught more than 50,000 students in her character design classes and her 8-week Picture Book Illustration e-Course.

Host of the ‘ArtWork - Creative Productivity Unlocked’ interview series and ‘Project Portfolio’ online events, Nina’s bigger goal is to inspire, support and empower her creative community to follow their creative passion and to earn a living doing what they love.

Andy Rycroft

Starting his professional life as Designer & Creative Director in the UK, Italy and Australia, Andy moved into the management of design, people and services for corporate clients. In 2010 Andy moved to Auckland, New Zealand to manage large sales and marketing teams in pioneering tech organisations, moving the family for another time.

After more than 20 years of bringing design value to business Andy has now flipped his attention to bring business thinking to creatives and artists, designing coaching programs for artists who want to create income and value from their talent and experience.

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