We support creatives that are ready to find their purpose, productivity and creative value.

With the support of the creative community and strategic daily activities, you will identify your creative value, the potential it has for others, and make powerful steps towards living your creative life on your own terms.

The Creative Canvas course offers you the opportunity to get clear about your purpose, get engaged with your audience, and build an actionable plan to get your ideas done.

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Do you lack the self-belief in your creative value and the impact you can bring?

If you haven't yet realised the value that your creativity can bring then how can it compete with everything else you have to do in your day-to-day activities?

Jobs, your family, the mortgage or perhaps the business you are already running... they all have value associated with them, financial or otherwise. This value justifies the time you spend and there is a reward or consequence system to keep you in place!

If you don't believe in the value you can potentially bring with your creativity, and you don't identify with who can benefit from what you offer then your creativity will always be the last priority.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to identify what is special about you, understand how your creativity can help others and be able to make the first steps (immediately) to creating a sustainable and profitable creative future for you and your family?

Perhaps you're getting back into the workplace, or thinking of a career change? 

This six-week, self-paced, and interactive course helps to structure and articulate your creative purpose, explore the potential, and set an actionable plan in place!

Sally Eyre

"I would definitely recommend anyone who is stuck in a rut or feels they want to be more creative but they don’t know how to. The course gave a really good structure and there were actionable tasks to actually work through.

At the start I had no idea what I wanted to do but by the end of it I got a much clearer picture and also I thought there was a lot of support, particularly around Nina doing the online live sessions and following it through with us really added to the whole experience!"

You're not alone if you feel stuck in your day-to-day, and unable to get to what you're passionate about.

We know from surveying over 4,000 creatives that more than 80% of you struggle with productivity. You told us that getting to your big idea, getting help and making steps towards your ideal creative life is overwhelming.

We also know that you tend to keep ideas to yourself and find it difficult to ask for help or to promote or articulate an idea - you get feedback, because your creativity and your experience is not shared. 

Working in a bubble, that is deprioritised and undervalued, means you're stuck and no matter how many courses you do, or how much time you spend on your creativity it will not progress, or make an impact (because it never sees the light of day to people who need it!).

The Creative Canvas offers an authentic journey, based on actual experience that works. The active private community the course offers in conjunction with the instruction, demonstration of an actual application of the course, and LIVE sessions provides access to others just like you who are going through and growing through the experience.

Katharine Lion

"I had so much fun making this list I was dancing in my chair. I think I might add, and ask myself what “I want” more often."

Entrepreneurial value designed specifically for artists & creatives.

Get clear

Design and articulate your creative purpose and build a view of the audience you can reach and the problem that your creativity and experience can solve for them.

Get focused

We'll help you find your superpower, create personas and help you focus in on one significant idea and what value that drives for your audience and your creative purpose.


Connect with others on the course to share ideas and get feedback and coaching support. Understand, find and enrol team support for your idea and test your idea with your audience.

Increase productivity

We'll work on reducing the drag in your day-to-day, position the value of your idea with others and create a flexible 3-month plan focussing on your priorities, rhythm and goals.

The Creative Canvas 6-week course is available now!

The course is self-paced so you can start whenever you want and always go back to the content and tools whenever you need them. Each daily task is there to prompt you to think clearly about your idea and set a pathway forward for 2021 with actionable steps.

We recommend you do the course in 6-weeks and take about an hour a day to get through the programme.

There are more than over 5 hours of video coaching and real-life demonstration that works alongside the 100 page Workbook full of tasks and tips to guide you through the programme. 

You will be invited to a private Creative Canvas community where you will be able to get inspired and inspire others by sharing your progress in a nurturing and feedback-rich environment. 

PLUS, each month we will be LIVE in the private Facebook group to support you with Q&A and share experience.

Warning! If you don't believe your creative value is worth the investment below (and you think you'll never get the return on your investment) then you definitely need to do this course! 

One-time payment

$747 USD

Most popular


Over 3-months

$279/m USD

Extra convenience


Kathleen Harte Gilsenan

"I had to post the little tip from this week's workbook that has truly inspired me. I believe this is the mantra that can help to change everything. It is so simple, but so profound. Thanks so much Andy and Nina! I think I will print this out and put it on my studio wall to keep me on track and to help me stay focused on pursuing the "Real Me".

Imagine, design and articulate your Creative Purpose

→ Day one - a little about yourself and what makes you tick (7:20)

→ Your creative purpose and what you have to offer - power list and categorisation (8:36)

→ Your creative purpose and what you have to offer - mind mapping, values and creative purpose construct (12:35)


"This course has been invaluable in that I unearthed my creative purpose. This new discovery has energized me and brought a new and deeper meaning to my artwork for which I'm very grateful!"

Melanie O'Steen

Discover and empathise with who you will be connecting with

→ Who are you doing this for? Your audience and/or customer - persona basics (7:18)

→ Your customer’s challenge - and how they solve it today (3:42)


"Here are my customer's challenges and my Persona Sketches. It was fun to imagine my customers!"

Silke Heinrichs

Discover the potential value of your creativity and uncover your idea and how to promote it

→ Where money comes from - possible revenue streams (7:07)

→ Where money comes from - revenue models (10:47)

→ What can you do to help your customer? (10:33)

→ How your help is unique and valuable to them (7:59)

→ Where the fish swim – identifying the channels (17:58)


Find out what do you need to know and how to make it work now you know your superpower!

→ Key metrics - what is the most valuable thing for you to know? (12:04)

→ What’s the cost? What is the least you can do to make it work? (10:32)

→ What’s your superpower? and how might you use it? (17:15)

→ Summary of your Creative Canvas - and where to use it (15:30)

→ How and where to use your Creative Canvas (9:53)


"Wow, I am so proud of myself because I just finished putting together my Creative Canvas. It feels really good."

Silke Heinrichs

Understand your capability and speed potential

→ Checking your current speed (6:27)

→ Creating more speed and capability (6.27)

→ Boost your speed and capability even more with your team (9:44)


"And here is my way of adding extra time. My actual challenge was putting a limit on how much creativity I was going to increase. (Balance between) rest and becoming a workaholic 😂 I find by implementing a time margin makes it more achievable and flexible, not so intimidating or daunting. 😀"

Alan Rolle


Improve your chances of success through collaboration and clarity

→ Knowing what to do first - enrolling your team (10:43)

→ Knowing what to do first – looking at the bigger chunks (14:28)

→ All the things (8:31)

→ What’s most important? (12:35)

→ What’s connected? (10:55)

→ What is the least and fastest thing you can do to see if it works? (10:59)

→ What measures, by when, to move to the next (13:19)

Setting up the tools, team and timeline to keep you on track ongoing

→ Timeline and tools - setting up with Trello (19:39)

→ Timeline and tools - working with timeline (18:05)

→ Explore, test and change - designing feedback (8:15)

→ Explore, test and change - effort and placement to maximise insights (6:29)

→ Reviewing your plan and making changes (9:20)


"I love the flexibility this promotes and most of all that I can visualise the path I follow easier. Great thing is that I can always alter whatever and whenever. So glad to know that it is not set to stone."

Alan Rolle

Melanie Warren O'Steen

"This course has been invaluable in that I unearthed my creative purpose (to leave a creative legacy for my grandchildren).  This new discovery has energized me and brought a new and deeper meaning to my artwork for which I'm very grateful!"

Usable value designed specifically for creatives.

Over five hours of insights, approach, tasks and demonstrations

~100 page downloadable workbook with worksheets for all 30 tasks

Join our exclusive Facebook community to share and get support

Recorded Facebook LIVE sessions - great for Q&A! 

One-time payment

$747 USD

Most popular


Over 3-months

$279/m USD

Extra convenience


Silke Heinrichs

"I really enjoyed the live event with Nina and Andy. It gave me new insights and made me rework and simplify my mind map once more. I also did a new Values-sheet and made some small changes at my Creative Purpose."

Joyce Green Barnhards

"Week 3 Complete!!!! Celebrating. I learned a lot about myself through the personality test. Things I knew but couldn’t necessarily figure out where those ideas came from. I need to just be me and take those “gifts” or “ideas” and grow in them instead of trying to give them away.

Thank you Nina and Andy for all of the instruction through videos. It has caused me to think more about myself and what I want and how to get there than I ever have. Look forward to the week ahead..."